Contrary to popular belief, the lexeme of Jobbie doesn't have anything to do with defecating. A jobbie can be a thing or place.
1) I am trying to jimmy this jobbie open, but this jobbie won't jimmy. (OR, in ordinary English: I'm trying to pry this thing open, but this thing won't be pried.)
2) I'm all alone in this jobbie,
No one knows if I'm nice or snobby... (rhyming couplet)
by Agent Chainsawlady March 08, 2004
something behind simeon's ear.
...and there, behind his ear was a great big jobbie!

Whats a jobbie?
by massman March 09, 2004
1.A type of phallic symbol
2.The action of doing somting phallic
1.I got my jobbie stuck in my wanker
2.Get your wanker out of my jobbie!
by Shaft Ramrod May 08, 2003

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