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The most amazing girl in the world. She would have an amazing personality to compliment her amazing smile, pretty eyes and beautiful face. She would have to be a redskins fan. She would also have to have a chill personality, but at the same time be an honesty, trustworthy person that you could put your life on the line for. Her amazing smile would literally have to be an ear-to-ear smile and just make the whole room lite up, even though its cliche its the truth. And you have to be able to look into her eyes and see the future of your life. Some one who you truly love, and you would never, ever lie to or ever come close to hurting her at all. Your love for her must be unmeasurable, incomparable, and so much that its indescribable something you will never be able to put into words.
My girlfriend is a Jiya.
by MitusOneandOnly August 01, 2010
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