Jitterbug. A 1940s dance form where a male and female dancer perform a series of moves not unlike the 1950s rock and roll dancing.
The skill and strength required to throw the female dancer about was considered too much for mainstream dancing couples though.
The jitterbug evolved into the rock and roll style dancing seen in the 1950s and 1960s.

Also known in later years as the Jitterbug Boogie.
Gosh Cuthbert and emily really throw themselves about on that dancefloor doing the jitterbug.
by Ged123 May 05, 2007
Top Definition
(Noun)This word originated from the good 'ol state of Florida and it has 3 definitions.

1)A person that is between the ages of 0 to 17.
2)A very immature person that constantly acts like a kid and plays games and make other people very upset.
3)A kid,child,infant,etc.No where near an adult what-so-ever.
(1)Damn that Jitterbug is running around acting like a fool and every person in here is really mad at him.(2)I wonder that Jitterbug took his meds this morning because he's running around like a chicken with his head cut off.
by Alex Scheloske December 29, 2005
when someone grabs their nuts in their hand and shakes it vigorously in front of a large group of people. Jitter bugging is often done as a group event.
I'm never hanging out with those fag's again, i walked into there room and they were all jitter bugging.
by David Atkins February 18, 2009
the shittiest phone in the world sad enough to even call it a phone, has no cool features just calling and big ass buttons for dumb asses
dude i just got a new phone!
What phone?
the jitterbug!!!
dude that phone fucking blows
by seeingxsounds October 10, 2010
It will always be used in a affectionate manner, since it is a pet name like honey, sugar, cupcake, baby, etc... Although it CAN be a nickname for any girl, most likely spinning off from book-worm, therefore most relevant when used for a girl who is slightly a brainiac, kinda cute in a mousey kind of way, and ideally wears glasses. Used in situations that cause seperation anxiety or just whenever someone wants to let someone know that they care about them and think they are special, most often said over the phone, or in person, seldom written. If used without forward consent however, it will comes off as either creepy or insulting.
Guy One: "Hah look at that nerd reading those books lol, kinda cute though"
guy Two: "Hey lay off dillweed, that nerdy dork over there happens to be my jitter bug"
by Mopithytumry October 30, 2008
Jitter bug is a nickname used for somebody that is fun, cute, and a looks like a bookworm.

Person that is smart funny and mouse like.

something cool to have
T:"Hey there Jitter-bug!"
M:"Hey there T!"

Kittys are basically jitter-bugs
so i guess jitter-bugs can be Kittys too

A wicked cool friend is totally Jitter-bug
by Kimmy a la Timmy November 10, 2008
A name to decribe a girl who you think is sorta a bookworm, kinda cute in a mousey kind of way, and ideally wears glasses. use it in situations that cause seperation anxiety or just whenever to let somebody know you care about them. Always to be used in a affectionate manner, it is a petname like honey, sugar, cupcake, baby, etc.
Person 1:(calls person 2)
Person 2: Hello?
Person 1: Heya Jitter Bug, I miss you.
Person 2: Awwwwwwwwwwww, your the best too!
by Mopithytumryh October 30, 2008
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