Noun, someone who gives a virus or infection (not an STD) to his or her significant other, like the flu or pink eye, requiring a trip to the local CVS.
Chip: Babsy, you definitely don't just have allergies. I think that's an ear infection.
Babsy: How do you know, sweetie?
Chip: 'Cause ya gave it to me, Miss Jitterbug!
by callmemadame February 03, 2005
A hot, sexy GameFAQs user. However, hardly ever posts.
Jitterbug's hotness made the temperature go up by a couple degrees.
by Tingle June 20, 2004
To slowly and quite thoughtfully trinkle semen all over some bitch's face.
After the gay mega-orgy, Brian Baker awoke and found that Danny Rufus jitterbugged all over his face.
by Danny Poole July 13, 2003

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