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The greatest hand in the game of Texas Hold'em, consisting of a Jack and a Nine
Everybody watch out, that brotha's got a Jine!
by Jim Lisec January 09, 2006
another word for Native American.
im jine and proud
by dalicia July 22, 2011
slang term for a vagina.
Man, i wouldnt touch that mess of a jine.
by Ragnar October 24, 2002
Texas Hold-Em hand consiting of a Jack and Nine. Once thought to be the hottest hand in Hold-Em, it's actually pretty shitty.
Todd turns over a Jack Nine (Jine). Crowd reaction: "wtf is he doing going all in with that garbage ass jine. what a yoyo."
by toddseven March 11, 2010
The ghetto way of saying "jeans."

Damn, girl, where did you get those jines?
by MelPDX January 30, 2009

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