verb. to talk someone out of a crisis as Dan Akroyd (playing Jimmy Carter) did on SNL many years ago to a guy tripping on acid
If your portfolio starts losing money, I'll Jimmy Carter you off the ledge.
by To-ry the anal intruder April 20, 2005
The most evil American who ever lived. A spineless, appeasing, pious, preachy and catastrophically incompetent excuse for a human being whose inept micromanagement of the POTUS office wrecked the US economy, encouraged Soviet imperialism and almost single-handedly kick-started a resurgence of islamic imperialism that we are still dealing with almost three decades after he was booted out of office in a landslide. Not content with the incalculable damage he did as POTUS, this useful idiot of every form of totalitarianism went on to be the effective lapdog of islamic terrorists and communist tyrants, helping to finance the PLO, hugging Castro and revitalising the North Korean nuclear program. Of course he won a Nobel Peace Prize for all this, following in the footsteps of his beloved islamic terrorists.
Jimmy Carter was born too late to pursue his true vocation of burning witches in Salem (for their own good of course, much as it pained him to do it). Get thee behind me Jimmy Carter.
by Garth Vader October 01, 2006
Thirty-ninth President of the U.S., seving from 1977 - 81, and most likely the last U.S. President with real integrity we will see in our lifetimes. Though he was unable to solve a number of domestic issues, he was a true world leader and put human rights on the map. Brought back dignity, decency and respect to the Oval Office, after the Nixon scandals. Deservedly won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.
History will judge President Jimmy Carter well.
by MRT2 October 10, 2006
Former US president, founder of the Carter Center – a non profit organisation that advances human rights and alleviates human suffering.

A first class US president, a true statesman who is unfairly characterised as a ‘failure’ by those too stupid to understand the catastrophic economic impact of events beyond the control of any US president – the 1979 energy crisis that in months trebled the price of crude oil created enormous problems for Carter as it would for any president.
Jimmy Carter brought decency, integrity and honesty to the White House – assets lacked by his successors.
by Sam28382 May 10, 2006
Great man, crappy president. Said to have fat lips.
You can be an example of this guy if you know that trick to make your lips look like they're huge. Roll down your bottom lip, then stick out your tongue and lay it on your upper lip close to your nose.
by Dave January 16, 2004

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