1. A very expensive line of handmade shoes pioneered by Brit Tamara Mellon, Asian-heritage shoemaker Jimmy Choo and their associates. The collections have managed to carve out a niche for themselves in a luxury-shoe market previously lionized by Manolo Blahnik.

2. The title of a song by the incarcerated rapper Shyne, featuring Ashanti. The song describes the rapper's desire for a young lady with refined (re: expensive) tastes, which he boasts he is able to satisfy.
1. Her Jimmy Choos are fierce.

2. "I see you ma, in your thousand dollar weave.../alright, Jimmy Choo shoes on your feet?/ Shoot, right!"
by redgyul September 21, 2004
Very nice but very expensive shoes. Trust me they are worth the price.
I love my new Jimmy Choo shoes I got yesterday.
by Mathura August 19, 2004
niice shoe designer...overpriced...but 'sex and the city' would not have been the same without them
Carrie - 'your shoes are soo last year sweeedie. check out my jimmy choos'
by MissyellioT April 12, 2004
Cockney Slang for 'clue'
I avven't got a Jimmy Choo, mate
by Reggie Reg III August 05, 2008
To dump or move on as in reference to a lover. To break up or end a relationship. Same as a "Dear John Letter"
Nancy really pissed me off so I gave her the Jimmy Choo.
by Sally & Marvin April 24, 2007

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