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When your partner is tenderly tonguing your butthole (AKA you are receiving a rimjob) and you have the urge to pass gas, so you proceed to shart upon your partners nose and/or face, much to your twisted delight.
Alex: "So then what did Ashley do?"

Jimmie: "Well, she was blowing me, then the next thing I know, she's licking my butthole. I had to fart, so I countered her Rimjob with a Jimjob and spray-farted all over her face!"


Jimmie: "Let's go get Sonic..."
by TexasTittysprinklesLover March 31, 2013
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JimJob a "code word" or slagn for marijuana/weed or grass is usualy used to inform a friend that you are in posession of marijuana.
Said to be by some "God's gift to the world. Brings peace when used wisely."
'I have some jimjob "

"I just got 10 grams of jimjob wer going to go jim on the roof and get jimed befor class"
by Grampabillyjoe March 09, 2010
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