A person who follows the religion of Judaism.

Judaism is the worlds 1st monotheistic religion and has about 14,000,000 followers worldwide today. Some Notable ones include Jerry Seinfeld, Albert Einstein, Amanda Bynes, and Gene Simmons. Some Notable people with Jewish Ancestors are Nicholas Sarkozy, Gwinneth Paltrow, and Karl Marx.

Under the last 2,000 years, after the Jew's exodus from Ancient Israel, Jews spread out and eventually formed the Groups of Ashkenazim (Germanic/Russo), Sepharadim (Spaniard/Turkic), and Mizrachim (Arabic/Irani) Jews. In their years of Exodus, Jews suffered greatly from Genocide, Pogroms and Libels. The most famous example is perhaps the Holocaust, organized Adolf Hitler that killed nearly 6,000,000 Jews and over 5,000,000 other minority members. However, in 1948, Israel became independant of Great Britain, and became a land of refugee for Jews. Ever since though, Arab Nations around Israel declared war on the young nation, and kicked out over one million of their own jews. However, Israel has never been defeated by the Arabs even with the arabs help from the SSR and with the post Pahlavi regime of Iran, and even thrives today. Today, the 4 major groups of Jews are the Ashkenazim, Sepharadim, Mizrachim, and the Beta-Israel (Ethiopian Black) jews. Jews in several nations today, have also become known as professionals and have led to major breakthroughs in the arts and sciences. And even today, Jews suffer greatly out of persecution in parts of the world out of Anti Semetic incitements under the governments, and the anti Jewish outlooks of several peoples (Some examples would be many Arabs, Norwegians, several Europeans, and the Japanese).
Jerry Seinfeld is Jewish.

Benjamin Disraeli was born Jewish but then Converted to Christianity to become the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

The Tacuara was an Anti Jewish Group in Argentina
by Young Argentine-American August 12, 2009
Adjective, Adverb

Having tendencies, similarities, or characteristics of people who are Jewish or Jewish stereotypes.
May be applied to people, things, or actions.
I hate this humid weather; it makes my hair all curly and Jew-ish.
He’s Japanese? His last name is Steinberg. That’s a pretty Jew-ish last name for a Japanese guy.
She never spends much money when we go shopping. She shops pretty Jew-ish.
by camarro88 December 15, 2008
If you are slightly retarded, you may say 'Jewishes' instead of 'Jews'. That is all.
Jewishes is pyromaniacs
by Aaron January 06, 2005
a hiltonism, referring to more than one jew. also refers to judaism as a whole.
I wonder how the jewishes felt about that.

The mormons and the jewishes are in no way related.
by TEEJSTAH January 28, 2010
Not completely a Jew, maybe not even a Jew, but they act like one or look like one, therefore they are just Jew-ish.
That's very Jew-ish of you.
by RebeccaLynne March 08, 2007
When a person is Jewish by blood, but not by culture, or when a person is Jewish by culture, but not by blood.
Although both her parents were Jewish, Amanda considered herself Jew-ish, because she never followed any of the Jewish practices.
by ckdtennis January 07, 2010
someone that is not a full blooded jew but only partly jewish
"im not a real jew, i'm only jew-ish."
by hncjo09 February 04, 2009

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