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What you say someone, either sarcastically or sincerely, to say "thanks," or "you're very kind."
Emma: "Here, I got you a soda too."
Mike: "Thanks. You're a peach."


Jordan: "OK, I'll stop calling you butt-face in front of your boyfriend."
Maia: "Thanks, Jordan. You're a real peach."
by FenwayFoulke April 25, 2007
adj. When you see something utterly disgusting that gives you the awful gross feeling that makes your teeth soft, that thing is tooth-softening.
Science teacher: "And just look at that wonderful rotting pig heart!"
Annie (to Sophie): "That's so gross..."
Sophie: "Not just gross. It's tooth-softening."
by FenwayFoulke April 25, 2007
The bump many Jews (but NOT all) have on the tops of their noses.
Nanci: "Hey, do you know if Rochelle's Jewish?"
Minnie: "I'm not sure, but she does have a Jewish bump."
by FenwayFoulke April 26, 2007
n. Originally the name for someone whose AIM icon was or showed up as a black square. Not an African American who is lame, just the name for the AIM person.
Hadley: "Hey Black Square, what's up?"
Sylvia: "Huggy bear, you?"
by FenwayFoulke April 25, 2007
interjection: What you exclaim when someone sneezes, as opposed to "gesundheit" or "god bless you."
Chloe: "So as I wa-ACHOOOOOOO!"
Sarah: "Jewish!"
Chloe: "Thanks."
by FenwayFoulke April 25, 2007
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