That precious peculiarity of a woman´s noble part that resides within herself. It could be such a noble effort to reach in there. It tastes like AA batteries. Also known as the clitoris tip, it has the shape of a pearl, hence the name for such a tasty treat. Its one of the biggest accomplishments of a man.

Esa preciada peculiaridad de la parte noble que cada mujer tiene en su interior, es motivo de gran espfuerzo por llegar a ella. Sabe a baterias AA y viene en muchas presentaciones. Tambien conocida como la puntita del clitoris, antropomorficamente es similar a una perla, conocida joya, ergo el nombre proporcionado.
Hey mija, presta la joyita
Hey gal, lend me that jewel of yours.
by alonsonajera January 15, 2009
Top Definition
a really unique and sweet person
"Girl, you really are a jewel for doing that for me!"
by mi March 03, 2005
An extremely beautiful and sweet girl
Wow, shes a jewel.


Dang, look at jewel. she really is gorgeous. And cool too!
by lover x August 19, 2005
Most talented singer, songwriter, poet, guitar player, artist, inspirational person ever to live.
Jewel is amazing at anything she does.
by Shawn January 25, 2004
The most beautiful and amazing person ever to live in this universe. And if you (Kody) have her as a girl you better keep her forever cause she is perfect and you are the luckiest guy EVER!!!
That girl is Jewels
by Ko317 August 23, 2009
Jewel= Goddess
Jewel is a Goddess.
by Shawn January 23, 2004
a man's balls
"The bigger the penis, the bigger the jewels."
by Anonymous November 04, 2003
A kick ass person who is so amazing and you have to love her she is so beautiful! She is so SEXY!!! she is sweet kind fun energetic funny and she has a NICE ASS!!;)

(also known as Jewels)
"Dammm!! Jewel you are fine!!"
by ;);););););););););) January 07, 2012
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