A blue parrot voiced by Anne Hathway
Jewel is the most prettiest bird in the movie Rio
by poohriocartoonfan1 March 05, 2015
A person who in the movie transibarian orchestra makes her boobs go in and out. It gave me an erection.
Deep breaths Jewel, Deep breaths.
by ilikeelephants December 11, 2010
A singer who sings songs like Intuition and more
Jewel will sing in concert
by Alex July 23, 2003
1) The testicles.

2) The dice for Dungeons and Dragons. So called because the many-sided dice often look like jewels.
1) That guy got kicked in his jewels.

2) Oops, one of the jewels is missing. Better check under the couch.
by Seer-of-Shadows March 20, 2005
Another word for a woman's clitoris.
-"Her fingers lightly tapped her jewel..."
by Lady of the Lampost April 03, 2005
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