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my Name .
Hey, my name is Jewel. No. Not like the signer.
by Jewel May 05, 2004
1) The testicles.

2) The dice for Dungeons and Dragons. So called because the many-sided dice often look like jewels.
1) That guy got kicked in his jewels.

2) Oops, one of the jewels is missing. Better check under the couch.
by Seer-of-Shadows March 20, 2005
Blond Bombshell
She's a Jewel!!
by boyCradle January 23, 2004
Another word for a woman's clitoris.
-"Her fingers lightly tapped her jewel..."
by Lady of the Lampost April 03, 2005
That tiny nodule of sperm left dangling from your dick after ejaculation.
After sex,Anthony whipped his penis around and flung the jewel off and on to her wall.
by [VBM] December 06, 2006
1. The best singer/songwriter/artist/poet/
humanitarian to ever live.
2. Perfect; Godly
3. Queen of all
Jesus is to Christians
Jewel is to music...(does that make sense? lol)
by Michele "Jewelnumber1fan" January 23, 2004
Weed, herb, cannnibus, ganja, marijuana.
A dogg when you gettin them jewels?
by B_RY August 13, 2007