Describes a NJG who has a nice rear end.
Wow... That NJG sure is Jewcy.
by EricTheRed November 09, 2004
Top Definition
A person that is Jewish and hot!
"Damn, he/she is so Jewcy!"
by Bad_Kitty13 May 19, 2007
Definition 1)
Noun - Derrived from the name Lucy. Usually given to females who are also Jewish and called Lucy.
Can be adapted for other names such as Victoria to Jewtoria.
Not meant to be taken as an insult, just a nickname.

Definition 2)
Noun - For retards (and Chav's) incapable of spelling 'juicy'.
"Oi look its Jewcy, Jewtoria's bitch!"

"Hello, my name's Jewcy"
by Jewtoria April 28, 2007
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