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1. The elimination of fecal waste through one's anus.

2. The art of expelling feces from one's anus in a manner that exceeds the definition of "pooping" or "crapping".

3. The act of making incredulous, sometimes unbelievable statements.
1. I was just in the bathroom shitting.

2. Oh God how I love shitting!

3. No fucking way, you're shitting me!
by EricTheRed November 14, 2004
A condition of the digestive system where, upon expelling intestinal gas from your bowles (farting) or defecating (shitting), your anus feels as though it is being burned by hydrochloric acid.

**SIDE NOTE** Caution is advised when jalepeno asshole is experienced because it is often accompanied by explosive diarrhea.

Usually caused by consuming large amounts of very spicy mexican food, or jalepeno beef jerky.
Oh God, my anus is burning! That mexican lunch gave me jalepeno asshole!
by EricTheRed November 14, 2004
A term used to define a particularly large and/or volatile bowel movement. Butt briskets are almost always preceded by several minutes or even hours of intestinal noises. Sometimes the butt brisket is so large that you can actually feel it as it move through your intestines.

When the butt brisket reaches your rectum, it causes the feeling that you are about to uncontrollably shit your pants and forces you to find the nearest toilet, coffee can, bush, etc.

Butt briskets often come out in the form of explosive diarrhea and are sometimes accompanied by jalepeno asshole.

NOTE: not to be confused with butt biscuit
I got a big ol' beefy butt brisket brewing.
by EricTheRed November 20, 2004
Nice Jewish Girl
I'm just an njb looking for an njg.
by EricTheRed March 24, 2004
A Jewish Meet and Greet Environment... where NJBs look for NJGs.
Hey Mordechai! Let's go to the Kosher Meat Market. There are bound to be some jewcy NJGs there.
by EricTheRed November 09, 2004
A "friendly" way to refer to a jewish person who is a member of the opposite sex. Can be used for NJGs or NJBs.
Now that's some jewcy Kosher Meat!
by EricTheRed November 09, 2004
Describes a NJG who has a nice rear end.
Wow... That NJG sure is Jewcy.
by EricTheRed November 09, 2004

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