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A person that is Jewish and hot!
"Damn, he/she is so Jewcy!"
by Bad_Kitty13 May 19, 2007
A person that identifies as heterosexual, but doesn't seem to draw any real lines when it comes to sexual contact.
"Have you ever noticed how many women in that sorority seem to be hetero-flexible?"
by Bad_Kitty13 May 19, 2007
Hetero-curious: A man/woman that generally self-identifies as homosexual, but makes out with members of the opposite sex on occasion. This most often occurs with the consumption of alcohol or drugs.
Example: "Oh, watch out for him at parties, once he's drunk he's totally hetero-curious."
by Bad_Kitty13 May 19, 2007
The first person to have flirted
"Hey, I was his flirst!"
"Back off, I'm flirst in line"
"He was the one that Flirsted"
by Bad_Kitty13 May 19, 2007

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