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A Guido boy who dances like someone would at a SKA fest only he has more gel in his hair. It is usually a mix of arm pumping in the air and the usual dance off moves. You can see this at an Long Island club when they begin to play Cascada.
OMG GET READY! they just put on house music so the guido skanking will begin soon!
by Lizardo January 18, 2006
A beverage consisting of Coke (or Diet Coke for the health conscious Jewcy chick) and sliced strawberries. You can improvise if necessary, but these ingredients are PURE Jewcy Coke. Can be enjoyed while watching Freaks and Geeks and eating chinese food; or even while grinding wit yo hoes.
"yo jewcy!"
"Say What?"
"Go make me some jewcy cokes slut bag!"
"Only if you put on the Freaks and Geeks"
by Lizardo January 27, 2006

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