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JewP is to describe
1)someone who is so insanely white that he is border line invisible. I mean there are other words to describe pale, but this is pale to a new level

2)a kid who is stupid enough to leave his backpack at a table with kids immature enough to fuck with it like duck taping it shut, putting it on the 3rd floor of the building and leaving it out side

3)A way to describe the most stereotypical jew possible who is awkward at social situations and actually tries to embarrass whoever he is with by yelling out the definition to a Nipple Thermometer Card Carrier

JewP(verb) to JewP someone is to an old man when he doesnt want you there at all but you insist on bugging him everyday while making fun of him
1) You need a tan, you are totally JewP
2) Its your own fault, you were JewP enough to leave your bag here
3) The girl pulled a JewP when she got mad wasted and yacked on her boyfriends dick while giving head
Verb- Little kids often JewP my dad
by Chris Thelin December 07, 2006
What a Jewish person eats on a cold winter day.
"Ah! some nice chicken noodle Jewp! My favorite!"
by jksafdjkfds April 06, 2015
noun-a greedy bitchy person

adjective-being greedy and bitchy
Dude, stop being such a jewp.
by jewpy December 08, 2009
a jewish pimp who tends to get a lot of girls just because he's jewish
look at rosenblume gettin head over there. he's such a jewp
by _Adam_ April 20, 2008
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