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Being tricked by one of those sly jewish people.
Similar to duped but involving jews or heebs as i like to call them.
Oh my goodness i have been jewped.
by CarnivorousJewSlayerSavage July 10, 2006
1. Fallen
2. Damned
1. I fell. (I have fallen)
2. I slayed a fell-beast.
by CarnivorousJewSlayerSavage July 13, 2006
the nickname you give to your penis.
whats your dickname? let's think of one.
sagachunga...hmm maybe if ur asian.
morpheous..hmm that guy's black.
little white...no my dick is big
moby...could work
whats a penis?...no thats jewish
steakster...sounds too delicious
megasnakehammerbulletsharkgeorge....yep thats the one.
i have to go play with megasnakehammerbulletsharkgeorge.
by CarnivorousJewSlayerSavage July 11, 2006
1. A deathly sulphorous fart.

*not ever to be confused with agrap or aggrap as it is sometimes called, which is infact short for 'aggressive rap'.
aw man, egg wrap right there.
who wrapped the egg?
that is a fuckin egg wrap.
by CarnivorousJewSlayerSavage July 12, 2006
aggressive rap.

Totally different from egg wrap, whatever the fuck that is.
We're gonna be spewin some agrap. thats hardcore shit right there.
by CarnivorousJewSlayerSavage July 11, 2006
1.instead of saying ownage(because that expression is so gay by now)

2.when something is grilled
That is pure grillage.

Yeah grillage!
by CarnivorousJewSlayerSavage July 11, 2006

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