Jew-Jitsu - Literally the meaning of an ancient and unspeakable evil created by the nefarious Lord Guru in the days of Watanagashi. Learning this ancient art is a combination of will, dedication, and the ability to hold in a six pack of six packs. Its main focus is speed and accuracy, with a strength roll of -15 for every attack, but a bonus of +25 speed and accuracy. Hong-Wing-Jin attempted to open up a center for teaching Jew-Jitsu, but the attempt failed due to accidental...ACCIDENTAL...suicides. Watch out for those who know this art although, because it is harsher than that of a thousand pokes in the matter of .31 biolithy seconds. You have been warned.

Common sightings of Jew-Jitsu masters are extremely skinny, and can range from skin colors yellow to green, with shades of purple. Effective against toddlers, but useless against adults.
Chun: Abraham, you have been a good pupil. Now, we practice the rights of Jew-Jitsu.

Abraham: But, Master! I have not completed the late-night in-the-dark homosexual acts!

Chun: Very well then.

Marine: Hike those pants up soldier, i aint' havin' no jew-jitsu 'round my encampment!
by Terran. April 13, 2010
Top Definition
Ancient martial art Created by Mortichai Weinstein in the ages of Jesus. Ninjews practice this to this day, which is an art form of Grace, coveting, and throwing Ninja Stars-of-David
Man, that Ninjew really kicked their asses. He must study onder the Hebrew Guru.
by The BIG Nasty March 11, 2005
To fight someone IN COURT.
I beat that boys ass!

Yeah, but now he's gonna throw some Jew Jitsu on you!
by Mike Comanche March 04, 2009
The kung fu art practiced by those of jewish decent. Typically it involves throwing stars of david.
Hey Barry Goldstein is a black belt in jewjitsu, don't mess with him.
by dannyfisch November 19, 2007
A jewish martial art.
A thug tried to steal the jewish mans jew gold but ended getting knocked the fuck out by the heebs jew jitsu moves.
by jew jitsu master March 30, 2010
The martial art of avoiding debt
Floyd owes everyone money, but he avoids the topic and make no intention of ever paying anyone back. He must be a 5th degree black belt in the art of Jew-Jitsu
by contactedmundhere April 10, 2015
1) The art of combat in which the victor takes any money or belongings from his or her opponent. If there is a tie, the two Jews must fight over a penny... Hence, the invention of copper wire.
JEW: Thanks for the gold, pussy.

VICTIM: Goddamnit I fucking hate these fucking Jews and their JewJitsu bullshit...
by Maijala June 02, 2011
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