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A person who has a hooked nose. Someone with a large nose is often mistaken for having a "Jew nose". The size of the nose does not matter, but rather the shape. In this case a hooked tip.
Stienberg has a jew nose.
by Mizuki san March 24, 2006
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implys you have a masive nose
wow dat person has a jew nose

arrrrr it just poked me in the eye
by Tently mandem May 02, 2007
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The term used to describe somebody's nose when it is bigger then their penis. A jew nose is usually 4-6 inches long. If your friend has a small penis his nose may not actually be a jew nose.
Person 1: "Joe's nose is massive!"
Person 2: "His girlfriend said his nose is bigger than his penis!"
Person 3: "Joe must have a jew nose."
by Chill_jew June 10, 2016
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