a person with a nose that looks like a mountain. is very crooked. also is a nose that smells like money.
Cody has a Jew Nose.
by neely99 December 11, 2007
Top Definition
A Person such as a Jew, Or Aj that has a big nose which intakes large amounts of oxygen,for the soul reason of it being Free.
"Jew Nose Stop Taking All The Air"
by Hitler14 January 13, 2008
Some one with a mother fucker of a nose. It is said to be that all jewish people have this nose. Has yet to be proved otherwise.
fucking hellll that man on the train has a jew nose. It taps on the glass when he turns around!
by ennitblad September 22, 2007
A person who has an abnormally big nose and is Jewish.

It is not required to have a big nose, but stereotyping, you can assume or say they have one anyways.
Jewnose's nose is huge.
by Gokoza December 06, 2005
A person who has a hooked nose. Someone with a large nose is often mistaken for having a "Jew nose". The size of the nose does not matter, but rather the shape. In this case a hooked tip.
Stienberg has a jew nose.
by Mizuki san March 24, 2006
Jew noses are very large noses. The shape and size matter most. You don't have to be referred to as Jewish to have Jew nose, you just have to have a BIGGG ass nose. Usually there is a large bump in the middle of the nose, sometimes a hook nose.
Millie: Me and Rose were fighting over what a Jew nose is!

Olivia: Oh you know big a nose!

Later that day...

Millie: That guy totes has a Jew nose!
by jewnosedefiner November 02, 2010
Refers to a person with a large, pointed nose, often sported by Jewish people. This type of nose is often called a "jew nose."
Barbara Streisand: "Vance, your jew nose is very powerful."
Vance: "Barbara, my jew nose will destroy your jew nose anyday."
by mastermanman February 18, 2011

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