A great historical figure.
Jesus was a great historical figure!
by Ilyena July 09, 2004
A raving madman whose martyrdom brought forth Christianity, a deranged death cult, which, horrifically, is still observed in Western civilization to this day.
Pray to Jesus Christ for salvation or you will die and descend to the bowels of hell where you will be engulfed in eternal hellfire and tortured by demons!
by BennyC May 26, 2007
a bad ass hippy. seriously, think about it, he whore sandles all the time, he had long ass hair and a beard, and he talked about peace and harmony. he was the idle tree hugger.
jesus christ is a stoner
by brooksy2410 May 20, 2007
Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior, and the son of God. He sacrificed himself so that we could live, so that even though we are imperfect and sinful in nature, that we still may go to heaven. This does not give us a free ticket to heaven though. We must believe in Him, we must love Him, and we must to our best to obey Him. We have to live for Him, we must try to live like Jesus did. Of course this is impossible, but nonetheless God wants to see us try and attempt it with all our heart and soul.
"I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:5-7. This is what Jesus Christ told us
by Christ's Follower December 18, 2006
some dude commonly believed by the same kind of morons
jesus christ? actually doesn't exist!
by chun hyang February 06, 2008
A carpenter, a complex, caused alot of headache. Oy Vey
Guy at door: Have you found Jesus Christ?
Guy in house: You lost him?
by stoolybird October 26, 2006
Many books that were written around 2000 years ago pretty much agree that there was actually a Jesus of Nazareth. He was reported to have done incredible things, even one report of him raising the dead, and another that tells of him raising himself from the dead. There was much dispute about this even then, but most open-minded people will usually admit that there were some unusual activities in Jerusalem around the time Jesus was supposed to have been here and that life on planet earth changed dramatically after his brief time in the world. There were stories found in Rome reporting many things that collaborates the New Testaments’ Jesus Christ. The question arises when some, including Paul, formally Saul, claimed that Jesus was indeed the ONLY SON OF GOD. Others would point out that Jesus himself said “you are all gods” (notice the small g in gods.) I am not one who believes that I must shove my interpretation of who Jesus was down everyone else’s throats, but I do believe that he was a very important being, worthy of study. Don’t decide who Jesus was by my words, or anyone else’s. People have their on agendas, as do churches, and institutions. Study his words, study other words, and listen to your heart. Maybe you can tell me what is the true Christ; I promise to listen to you and consider your words.
My favorite quote from the bible was from a recently healed blind man, when asked who is this Jesus Christ who had healed him. He simply said, “I know not who he was, I just know that once I was blind, but now I see.” Maybe it is that simple.
by Tony Merritt June 01, 2006

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