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A slang term or nickname for someone named scott, usually has a large penis and a great stamina in the bedroom. Usually willing to rent there body for sexual pleasure for a small fee.
Sick i jsut picked up a skot for cheap as chips
i just took skot for a ride now i cant walk properly
by Jackass_12345 March 22, 2007
a typical fucking nerd
jake is so good at maths hes a regular maths magician!
yeah ur rite hes a fuckin nerd lets beat him up
by jackass_12345 May 13, 2007
the first magician to go public with his tricks, but seeing as people back then were like really stupid they thought he was a god: idiots
dude lets go see jesus christ man hes gonna turn water into wine!
how the hell is he gunna do that?
dnt knw all i knw is we look away then we turn around nad yea man its changed its insane!
by jackass_12345 May 12, 2007

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