Our savior
Who died on the cross to save us from our sins.
The one who keeps my faith alive.
I say to myself that everythings going to be okay, because of Jesus.
by peaceiseverything March 18, 2010
a kick ass superhero.
person 1 "holy shit is that jesus, how is he not sinking"
person 2 "he can walk on water dipshit"
by fourway March 16, 2010
Jesus is the light of the world. He died for our sins. He loves us enough to die on a cross for us. He never will forsake us. He is the Son of God.
"Jesus died so my sins could be forgiven," said the little girl.
by ChristLovesMe April 06, 2011
He was God in a human form. He came to earth to recieve the punishment that everybody else deserved. He did so, and anybody who recieves the sacrifice is a Christian.

Many non-Christians hate him because he asks for some submission in return.
Guy:Do you know Jesus?
Guy2:I know of Jesus
Guy:What do you think of Jesus?
Guy2:He was an idiot
Guy2:Because he asks for obedience, just because he died on some tree.
by Noogahoogah October 03, 2009
A nice guy who taught love, kindness, tolerance, etc. Sacrificed himself because we're all giant penises. Now people claim to follow his teachings, but just screw them over.
Oh look, there's Jesus over there! The world's gonna end.
by Poop N Scoop July 05, 2005
John Cornelius O'Callaghan V, lead singer of the band The Maine as of July 3, 2010. see twitter.com/johnmaine for proof
MM: I asked The Maine to hold me down!
DK: Why?
MM: Because Jesus is their singer!
by discipleK July 03, 2010
The religious figurehead of christianity; defined as a child of the middle east (who aren't white), usually pictured as a white guy, and for some reason using his name in vain only applies when someone else has more pull in christianity.

Possibly Superman
"You know jesus died for your sins!"

"I know. That's why I sin so much. I wouldn't want him to have died in vain!"

"That's blasphemy!"

"Dude, you have been to church a total of 2 times more than me. Tis points sytem sucks!"
by G.L. Wolf April 07, 2008

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