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a kick ass superhero.
person 1 "holy shit is that jesus, how is he not sinking"
person 2 "he can walk on water dipshit"
by fourway March 16, 2010
an amazing band that only little fags that think 50 cent, eminem and akon are the best thing to happen to music tend to dislike. seen as overated by fans of cliff richard, the beach boys and american faggot bands that tend to moan about how there so called tears "crash" as they hit some random object.
person 1 "the beatles are overated"
*person to puts bag over person 1s head)
person2 "oh sorry you semed to have some shit coming out of your mouth"
by fourway March 16, 2010
putting some once man sack into a nice cup of tea
"ow what the fuck man" "i was teabagging you"
by fourway March 16, 2010
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