The love of the world. The truth that exists in everyone. The one who loves even if love is not returned.

Ok, i can see people don't believe in Jesus and stuff, and that is their own opinion and belief. But do you REALLY have to bash on the faith? Man, I can't believe how many people can actually say these sort of things.. Jesus never did anything bad to anybody and people have the urge to bash? How horrible.. People who do this obviously have no morals whatsoever and spend their entire lives mocking people and making fun of everything.
Jesus is everything, yet people are too blind to see it. How is that?
by Flare June 08, 2005
Awesome and Sweet and Kind Son of God. The Savior of the world. Giver of Eternal life and Forgiver of sins.
Jesus is awesome
by AtheismSucksSatanSuckstoo May 13, 2009
The only hippy anyone ever listened too.
Hippy: "You can't OWN property"
Jesus: "It's all good."
by pseudo-dude0 May 10, 2009
The guy, whom most Christian girls are overjesused about.
Sandra: I love Jesus SOOO much. He is my friend!

Kate: Yes, so is mine! I really love Jesus.

Tom: You should probably find some REAL friends, gals...

Kate & Sandra: -______-
by Xfing May 27, 2009
I am tired of everyone bitching and arguing about what color Jesus was. HE WAS NOT BLACK OR WHITE HE WAS MIDDLE EASTERN!!!!!!!! By the way middle eastern people are more closely related to white people so stop being asswipes! HE WASN'T BLACK
I am damn tired of people telling me jesus was black, he was middle eastern.
by superninjapenguin March 01, 2007
Purest example of love ever known, love in a form that is incomprehensable, even to those who hate Him so much, pure enough to love those who show that hate on this very page.
Calender of western world centers around His birth, acknowledged historically from non-Christian sources, documents of His followers are historically accurate, was seen ressurected and acknowledged as doing such.
by mateo_grande April 15, 2005
The second coming is here! Jesus is back in the form of Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5!! We are saved!!
Jesus is back bitches!!
by Rellik Uzi August 18, 2010
a kick ass superhero.
person 1 "holy shit is that jesus, how is he not sinking"
person 2 "he can walk on water dipshit"
by fourway March 16, 2010

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