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Jesus is the Son of God. He was a man that reformed Judaism and was hated for his radical changes. He established a bond between God and his people that has been umatched. Over 2 Billion people acknowledge he is God and over 3.5 Billion acknowledge his divinity. Jesus was perfect in any way, and in recent Godless times, has become a common object of ridicule among non-believers. Praised by Chrstians and Muslims as a messanger of/from God, he established a new variety of Judaism (now called Christianity) which came together in the early 2nd century as the One True Holy and Apostolic Church (Now known as the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church)(110AD - 140AD) and writings about his life first appeared in the first century (60-90AD). Preached against the old "eye for an eye" ideology and taught a new "turn the other cheek" attitude. Later disputes about his intentions with his people supurred a "refomartion" in which many people broke away from the Catholic Church and established Protestantism (commonly reffered to by the generic name of "Christians" in the U.S., since there are many denominations (Lutheran, Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian, +32,000 more denominations) to the point where many of the groups are not recognized if called by their formal names). Protestants have lately earned a bad name for their "excessive preaching" to non-believers. Jesus had 12 apostoles, 5 of which established the Catholic and Orthodox churches. Jesus was born in Nazareth, most likely in the summer. Christmas is recognized by most churches to celebrate the birth of Christ (and not as Christ's ACTUAL birthday, which non-believers misunderstand) and Easter is the celebration of Jesus' return to life.
About 4,500,000,000 People believe in (a) God (75% of the world)
About 3,500,000,000 People acknowledge Jesus' holiness (Christians + Muslims) (77% of God Believers)
About 2,100,000,000 People acknowledge Jesus is God (Christians) (46% of God believers)
Of the 2.1 Billion Christians:
1.6 Billion are orthodox Christians (Catholics + Eastern Orthodoxies + Oriental Orthodoxies) (76% of Christians)
0.5 Billion are unorthodox Christians (Independents + Protestants) (23% of Christians)
Of the 1.6 Billion orthodox Christians
1.1 Billion are Roman Catholics (52% of All Christians)
0.4 Billion are Eastern Orthodox (19% of All Christians)
0.1 Billion are Oriental Orthodox or other Orthodox (4% of All Christians)
Of the 0.5 Billion unorthodox Christians
0.2 Billion are Independents (9% of All Christians)
0.3 Billion are Protestants (13% of All Christians)
by Espanhol February 28, 2006

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