someone who is so posessed by evil and jealousy they go to incredible lengths to see the envied person experience even an ounce of pain compared to what is their life. They are miserable inside so they try to make everyone else miserable too. They wish they were like you yet try to convince people how bad you are. They want people to dislike you because they are so jealous.
jessica the loser, creepy, weirdo, avoid her!
by youcreepcreepcreeper December 30, 2011
the name of a major whore who gets with other guys when she is in a relationship. loves to lead guys on and then fuck em over.
guy1: dude i just got fucked over last week...
guy2 : lemme guess, it was jessica wasnt it?
guy1: howd you know!?!
guy2: she was my gf. as of yesterday i dumped her, got with about 15 guys including you when i was with her. fucking whore.
by blink182fan007 August 07, 2011
A female who is always on the hunt for a 12 inch penis or larger, but doesn't prefer it to be an African American penis or a penis from the ginger community.
"She's always looking for a larger size to give her the pink sock." "Damn she's such a Jessica."

Frank: "why don't you just go get laid?"

CoMo: "Because Frank, it's gotta be Jessica size...Duh!"
by FishTacoFrank April 06, 2011
Jessica is a slut. she acts as if everyone loves her and all the boys want her. she gloats about how big her breast are when its all just her stuffing theem. she wears her clothes skin tight, and her down. she likes to dancce although she cant.
guy1: whoa her clothes are tight. whats her name?
guy2: jessica, she gets a round quite abit.
by invaderzimm December 07, 2010
The biggest two-faced bitch you will ever know. She is gonna take away your friends and fuck your boyfriend. Jessica's usually have a huge ugly face and they like to suck mexican dicks. (this definition does not include Jessie's, just Jessica's)
Dude, that girl is an ugly bitch. She is such a Jessica!
by hihihhihihihihihihihihihihihih November 25, 2010
Cum dumpster slut with low self esteem
"I got with jessica!"
Who hasn't?
by youstoopidcunt October 18, 2010
Are usually quiet slutty , and are known to be easily confused. Jessicas are usually very friendly with just about everyone, some times too friendly. Jessicas can come in any color pale to tan , and are very skinny. People often refer to Jessica in relation to being dumb or slutty.
Steve: Oh my god , Liz was such a hoe last night!
Matt: I know she was pulling a Jessica!


Amy: I'm such a blonde today!
Gabby: Jessica moment!
by Unknown_Source_ 19 August 18, 2010

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