A very jealous and insecure little girl, jealous of every other girl she meets, a liar, loser and someone who is consumed by evil
jessica is such a jealous loser thats why no one wants to date her or be her friend
by yousontneedtoknowwhore December 30, 2011
Jessicas are all bitches. End of story.
"Ew, there's that slag Jessica again!"
by LOL guess? December 03, 2011
The biggest two-faced bitch you will ever know. She is gonna take away your friends and fuck your boyfriend. Jessica's usually have a huge ugly face and they like to suck mexican dicks. (this definition does not include Jessie's, just Jessica's)
Dude, that girl is an ugly bitch. She is such a Jessica!
by hihihhihihihihihihihihihihihih November 25, 2010
The sluttiest pisswhore on the planet.

Likes the taste of her own ass while she's sucking it from her master's dick.

Enjoys having her rectum filled with piss and being forced to hold on to it, or receive a severe caning.

Fantasizes about being used by a large room full of men, taking their cocks down her throat while her master brands her ass and thighs.
Choke me on your cock, sir! - Jessica
by bananapyramid January 31, 2011
Jessica is an annoying, stuck up teenage girl. For some reason guys fall in love with her but always end up seeing how manly and gross she is. She has scabs everywhere from playing her manly sports and her boobs are pointy. For the most part, this wouldn't bother many people but her know-it-all, I'm #1 at everything attitude just makes everyone want to beat her ass. Stay away from this slut she will ruin your day.
Look at the freaky girl, Jessica.

Jessica is such an asshole.
by greddkool November 23, 2011
loser that no one likes, hangs out with other ugly losers
very jealous of all other girls, weird ugly slut who looks like a pumpkin
look at that jessica girl she's such a loser
by truthtruthtruthtruth123 December 30, 2011
A girl who cheats on lots of guys , who is very easy to "please" because she has NO expectations and who is a complete BITCH when you try and help her. This girl will usually hop in a car, bed, or really anywhere with anyone at anytime.
guy 1: "Wasn't she dating Dave last week?"
guy 2: "yeah but now she's with some other dude."
guy:1: "Wow, she's sucha Jessica."
by don'tworryaboutit!!! December 27, 2010

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