Usually they are all rude. This typical girl is a bitch, she thinks shes every guys dream and likes attention. She acts like a guy listens to hip hop and watches movies like scar face so she can convince guys shes down to earth. But watch out they are evil.
AHHH Watch your back. Jessica is coming
by Billy jean 9 November 20, 2013
loser that no one likes, hangs out with other ugly losers
very jealous of all other girls, weird ugly slut who looks like a pumpkin
look at that jessica girl she's such a loser
by truthtruthtruthtruth123 December 30, 2011
A girl who cheats on lots of guys , who is very easy to "please" because she has NO expectations and who is a complete BITCH when you try and help her. This girl will usually hop in a car, bed, or really anywhere with anyone at anytime.
guy 1: "Wasn't she dating Dave last week?"
guy 2: "yeah but now she's with some other dude."
guy:1: "Wow, she's sucha Jessica."
by don'tworryaboutit!!! December 27, 2010
girl whos face looks like a pumpkin
she acts like she is great at everything but she's not
acts cool but she's not
acts like everyone loves her but no one does
acts like shes hot, she's not
jessica= pumpkin face
by pumpkinlumpkindumpkin December 30, 2011
A girl who tends to "act cool" but really isnt. Usually greasy.

Tends to put herself before others, with malicious intent to really just steal your BF. Liar, cheater, if you have any younger children, watch out!!! She comes off nice at first, but will steal the virginity of your first born before the childs even born! If you meet a jessica, definitely date her, she takes it in all holes all at once, that being said, she is also very talented!!
Niki; did u see Jessica last night??
Steve; Yea i did! Her hair looked like the pizza i ate this morning.
Niki; I mean,, at the party??
Steve; Yea, i didnt see her, but i could sure smell her dirty vag :0
Niki; Ahhh yea,,, thats definitely a Jessica thing. lol
by My name is Jessica November 24, 2011
a new breed of pigs that everyone likes
i just had jessica for dinner and it was yummy
by manutd05 May 15, 2011
the act of sleeping with muliple amount of male species; can also mean saying "i love you" after two weeks of dating.
Why are you being a Jessica ?!
by Eliego February 25, 2008

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