super hott teen. he is gorgeous and he can act and sing and he is sooo cute. star of summerland which is the best show ever!!
me- summerland rocks!
friend- yeah i know
me- jesse is hott
friend- you couldnt be any more right!
by kelly July 11, 2004
The most gorgeous 17 year old boy on the face of this Earth! Talented as all hell, makes you want to melt. Acting as Bradin on summerland the most awesome show ever! Heaven, gods gift.
Oh my god, i want to bang Jesse Mccartney so bad!
by Rosie April 01, 2005
A big bag of fail and piss mixed together with a long stick of shit.
Jesse McCartney sucks balls.
by True Facts December 26, 2007
The hottest guy in america!!!!! if u do not watch summerland ur a dork and eveyone hates u!!!!!!!!! he is the hottest guy alive and no 17 year old can breat him!!!!
kelsey: holy crap look at that hot guy
ally: its jesse mccartney...DUHH...who else
by Hottgirl March 21, 2005
A singer/actor/ex-boyband member of Dream Street who sings like a chipmunk and still manages to be unbelievably popular. Rather lame when he sings, but is o-kay in Summerland, a newer show on The WB, that focuses, basically, on his character Bradin.
If I hear Jesse McCartney's "Beautiful Soul" or "She's No You" I'm going to hurt someone.
by Kiss_of_Death July 26, 2005
Two words. Poser Fag.
Pre-teen bopper : "PNGZ! It's Jesse! PNG! LOLZ!"
Me : "Wow."
Pre-teen Bopper : "Wyt....... Wat's dat oder boi doingz!"
Pre-teen Bopper : -dies and rots in hell-
by Mushu May 06, 2005
the hottest guy eva 2 walk on this ugly - man infested earth!!
he is so hot!
hes my bf
i love u jesse marry me
how hot is jesse!
i no! hes so gorjuz
i love him! im gonna marry him!
no i am!
no shutup
i am
by milz April 24, 2005
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