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A member of the once-powerful syndicalist union, the Industrial Workers of the World. They are in favour of revolutionary unionism and see authoritarian control (such as bosses and politicians) as oppressive. Many wobblies subscribe to some form of anarchism.
The wobbly was outnumbered at the meeting by liberals who prefered to work with the bosses instead of in opposition to them.
by Gwen July 25, 2003
An explosive projectile ejaculation.
Oh boy that cock rocket went far.
by Gwen January 19, 2004
a way of saying "that's cool" by wazian gangstah wannabees
dude JMT is chill as fuck
by Gwen January 19, 2005
Jim Morrison reincarnated. Poet. Singer. A True Artist. Great voice. Charismatic. Extremely good looking. Too good looking for his own good. Singer for HIM. Finland's very own sex god. Friendly rockstar. Great to his fans.
Singer for the Finnish band HIM
by Gwen March 15, 2004
omg my friend loves her all she talks about is hillary duff she is statting to anoy me when she talks about her i am ready to blow up it sssssssssoooooooooo anoying!!
omg its getting anoying
by gwen March 21, 2005
number 1 he is so hooooooooooot number 2 he can sing really good number 3 he can act really good too i can't belive he can do all those things!!
o my god he is soooooooooooooo awesome!!! i love him how can he do all those things
by gwen March 19, 2005
the hottest twins that ever walked the earth!! ow owwww!! super sexy punk rockerz! haha
Can you believe how unbelieveably hottttt benji and joel madden were at the concert!?!?!?!?
by gwen March 18, 2005

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