The livest state and place not only in the USA, but in the world.
"Yo kid, I just went to Jersey and someone just punched me in the mouth cause I look at em funny"
by Dan 17 September 10, 2008
Island, British Crown Dependency in the English Channel. Term often misused to identify a US state by Americans who are blithely unaware of the Island's existence.
New Jersey resident: I'm from Jersey.

Jersey resident: No you're not. I'm from Jersey. You're from NEW Jersey.

New Jersey resident: (confused) It's the same thing.

Jersey resident: Hasn't it occurred to you that if your state's called
New Jersey, there must also be an "old" Jersey somewhere?

New Jersey resident: Er, um...(panics, then brain suddenly implodes attempting to process this information).

Jersey resident: That's a shame. I was also going to tell him where York and Hampshire are.
by crapaud May 01, 2006
Jersey (noun): used in place of Marijuana, or weed, dope, grass. Since being inconspicuous is the name of the game, any code word will help.

you will use a "good" players name when talking about "dank" weed. and vice-versa for "bush" weed.
1.) "Hey man, you got any Ovechkin jerseys?"

2.) "Hey man, running low on loot, got any JJ Reddick jerseys?"
by Stuttgart July 24, 2010
the shit stain in the underpants of america, it is worse than minnesota, wyoming and oklahoma combined, and thats bad nigga
Joe: Hey isnt that guy from jersey.
Pat:Yea he is, lets throw him into oncoming traffic
Joe:Fuck yea lets do it...fuck that nigga
Pat:Damn right...then lets go to roscoes chicken and waffles

(Fuck you Jon Stewart you cabbage eatin bastard. MD REPRESENTIN)
by Letmeholla January 24, 2009
Jersey is more than just a place. It's a way of life. From "Jrz Slang" to the historic events and places. People from Jersey will either rep it to death or hate it. The real Jersians love it. They, Including I, eat the ones who do not. From the GW to Sandy Hook and beyond, everyone in it is either family or foe. REP NJ, REP JERZ.
Dude, I bought one of those "I hate NY, I Love New Jersey" Tees the other day.
by Mac Chandler May 18, 2008
Of, or referring to, a females name and Phone Number.
"I saw this fine ass dime walk through the club, but I didn't get the jersey."
by Sam Stunter February 08, 2010
The only place in America where a fart is refreshing.
Friend 1: So I was drivin on the Turnpike the other day with the windows down, and Craig just lets out this beastly fart.

Friend 2: Good thing he did.

Friend 1: Damn right, we rolled the windows up. Hell, it smells a hell of a lot better than Jersey.
by Ernie Ball August 19, 2008

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