British island located north of France in the English Channel. Belongs to the Channel Islands together with Guernsey, Herm, Sark and Alderney. It has a population of about 90.000 including immigrants from Madeira/Portugal and some Polish.
Due to its high independance from the UK Jersey has its own laws and taxation, and it is an off-shore finance center. Apart from finance, tourism contributes to the island's wealth.
Besides, Jersey has great beaches, lovely forests, historic castles and of course great shopping (no VAT!) and an amazing nightlife!!
New Jersey was named after Jersey!! (check in your history books if you don't believe me)
by Cafedeparis January 10, 2006
slang for the US state of New Jersey
They passed through Jersey on their way to Maine.
by The Return of Light Joker March 03, 2008
Why do you think New Jersey is full of trash? Is it because we have 8 million residents, we have beaches, and forests? Is it because Red Man, Queen latifah, Derek Jeter, Kevin Jonas and a lot of other famous people are from here. Is it because your scared to go to Camden, the nation's most dangerous city? Is it because you can't afford to live in our rich area's like Bergen County? Maybe it's because you've only seen the outskirts of North Jersey? Maybe it's because you've never been to LBI?
Hater: New Jersey is filled with trash.

Me: Well if your so secure with where your from than why do you feel the need to make up lies about other places that you've never been to?
by Jersey Kid January 26, 2008
A beautiful island in the English Channel, not a state of the USA. The commander of the British forces during the last attempted invasion of Jersey by the French was given an area of land in America as gift for winning the 'Battle of Jersey'. He named this land 'New Jersey' in honour of the island he fought to protect. Well known for it's occupation during WW2 by the german forces, and famous for it's own breed of cattle and potatoes.
Man bieau p'tit Jerri ('My beautiful little Jersey' in Jerriais/Jersey French)

English company: "...and that's £45 including VAT"
Jersey resident: "VAT is not chargeable to Jersey, i'll be paying less for that thankyou!"
English company: "oh sorry I didn't realise you lived there, how very lucky of you! here, have these goods at a cheaper price"
by LXP May 10, 2007
Da Hardest hood State in da US got Camden Da Bricks Jersey City Trenton Atlantic City Patterson NewBrunswickand all da hoodz in between we represnt!
by Mic February 20, 2005
Jersey, Channel Islands. A small island between France and the United Kingdom, a member of the British Isles. The American state of New Jersey derives its name from there as its founders were Jersey people.
1: Hey, you from Jersey?
2: Yeah, its the best state in the whole country man!
3: State? I mean the island, you twat.
by LR92 April 25, 2011
A place full of beans
I'm a Jersey Bean
by rjm11 January 05, 2012

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