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1 definition by LXP

A beautiful island in the English Channel, not a state of the USA. The commander of the British forces during the last attempted invasion of Jersey by the French was given an area of land in America as gift for winning the 'Battle of Jersey'. He named this land 'New Jersey' in honour of the island he fought to protect. Well known for it's occupation during WW2 by the german forces, and famous for it's own breed of cattle and potatoes.
Man bieau p'tit Jerri ('My beautiful little Jersey' in Jerriais/Jersey French)

English company: "...and that's £45 including VAT"
Jersey resident: "VAT is not chargeable to Jersey, i'll be paying less for that thankyou!"
English company: "oh sorry I didn't realise you lived there, how very lucky of you! here, have these goods at a cheaper price"
by LXP May 10, 2007