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Posts spacey things that make you go "wtf?". He must be as high as a kite, and with the grammar of a 5 year old.

Fighter of NightDarker.
spaceman: so vegetablr stock comes from the bones of what vegetables?
#manspace #nightdarker #posting #high #snowman
by FuzzyBB July 25, 2009
when someone has to fart and another person puts a bag around their head completely surronding it, then they cut a hole for the mouth to breathe. the participant opens their mouth and puts their face right next to his/her's ass and sucks in the fart as they blow it out resulting in the "spaceman".
That was a gross space man, dude!
#space #man #ass #gas #shit
by Zirch<+>World February 05, 2007
one who is balla and has fine skills in the mastered arts of basketball, constantly performing flashy moves, which rarely work.
OK spacemen, we lost another game, but there was like 20 round the back passes!!
#space #man #basketball #flashy #balla #styles #sex
by Eagle Von Ceasle April 03, 2008
After having sex with a woman (or man), in a bed, the penetrater stands up on the bed prior to climaxing and blows his load in the air (via bouncing), thereby producing a flying semen (spacemen).
Joey:"Yo Johnny, never guess what I did last night."

Bill:"My names Bill.."

Joey:"I did a spaceman to your mother."

Bill:"I don't even know what that is.."

Joey:"It's like when yo.."

Bill:"You're a tool. Shut up faggot."

Joey:"SAD FACE):"
#sex #anthony #hunter #alesia #austin #brandyn #haylee #spacemen #semen #spaceman #jizz #cum #sperm #bed
by Smokey Osprey October 23, 2009
To invert somebody's backpack while they are unaware of what is happening. Done by taking somebody's back pack while they're not looking, taking out all the books and paper, inverting the backpack, and then reinserting anything that was taken out. The backpack is then placed back where they took it and by the time the person sees it again, everyone will burst out laughing.
I was talking to bob in class, and some asshole spacemanned me.
#spaceman #backpack #spacemanning #space #man #book #school
by Taran A October 09, 2009
Slang insult for russian a person.
Go back to Russia you space man!
by Ppls February 27, 2005
One of the best songs of the 90s by Babylon Zoo, used in a Levi's Advert and reached No.1 in 23 countries. Most people only know the main line of the song.
1.Spaceman I always wanted you to go into space man.
Intergalactic christ.

2. Remember 'Spaceman' from Babylon Zoo in the 90s. EPIC!
#spaceman #song #90s #epic #babylon zoo
by Alistor December 15, 2008
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