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An old man who love's his goat dearly.
Jerry your prize goat is running away.
by Tommick June 19, 2009
A Man taken down in the Prime of his life by women and children. A man who looks at what life could have been and not as what it is.
Man there goes Joe with that bitch Mary. She sure did Jerry him when she got Pregnant. Now hes miserable....
by ClippedGL February 03, 2010
1. To Die
2. Death
3. Kill
4. a lay so bad, they lie there like they died.
dude! dont play with that knife. you're gonna jerry me!
by izan-epat August 30, 2010
a JEW.
Jerrys is --Jewy, Jewpac, Jewbaca, Jewerine, Super Jew, Jewy "bigs" Nelson...
by jewyjewy January 06, 2010
A man that has taught for way too long. Also known as "Ass" by others. Believes self to be the savior of his students' education. Treats ten year olds as if they were seniors in high school. Often seen humiliating students in front of others. A man that needs to retire soon.
I don't want my child in that class! The teacher is such a Jerry!
by WildFire74 February 05, 2010
1. To work on an impossible task with ridiculous demands and an unrealistic timeline, usually for a project that is excruciatingly boring or unpleasant.

Circa. 2007 from Hong Kong English, used in the advertising industry. The word has been derived from the name of a director of an advertising agency in Hong Kong who is renowned for handing out impossible tasks, often to be done on weekends or over holidays, with no regard for anyone's schedule.
After the boss demanded that the 60-page brochure be done by Tuesday, Kimbo knew that he'd just been Jerry-ed. Kimbo then spent the Easter break Jerry-ing.
by Kimbo T March 21, 2008
A name. People with this name typically have prominent moobs
Jerry: Hey dude, wanna play some pick-up basketball at WASHU?

Oliver: No thanks. When I play basketball, the ball is the only thing that's supposed to bounce.
by Fong@WASHU August 15, 2009