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Place of business (restaurant, corner store, etc...)

"I went down to Vinnie's place, he opened up one of those steak jernts downtown."
by Van Read April 24, 2009
14 8
used as joint, both as in place and marijuana cigarette
Mike has a nice jernt, it got even nicer after we lite the jernt.
by Thunder Milk April 11, 2003
52 15
(adj) (used with "is the" or "is da") Best / superlative / singular / unique / distinctive (item).
That book is the jernt!

Dat jernt is da jernt!
by MichiganLiberal February 27, 2009
3 19
can be used as anything, often replaces sexual and cuss words
Bill Clinton jernt Monica Lewinsky.
Get the jernt out of the way.
by Buzzified Girl August 08, 2007
2 22