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a guy that doesn't like the number 0, has two sisters and a brother, and is addicted to baseball.
Speaker A: Oh my gosh! Have you met Amanda's brother?

Speaker B: No. Why?

Speaker A: He is such a Jeremy!
by Rose Katherine November 26, 2008
Someone who thinks they are smart and is a "know it all",also is very competitive,and has a small penis
jerjer:yo did u see those oh's

jesse:yo vajag,stop being a small dick jeremy
by jesseboy4410 November 27, 2008
The name 'Jeremy' is only given to boys whose penis's can't be seen by the naked human eye. Usually Jeremy's do not only have tiny penis's, but they are also faggots that like to go around making random sexual noises.
This guy was making sexual noises for no reason, and then asked me to give him a blow job. I said I would, but unfortunately his dick was too small, so I was unable to put it into my mouth. His name must've been Jeremy.
by Liamthepimp August 22, 2014