Jeremy is a name for children that were unwanted in the family. They are often called "Mongool" in real life. Basicly, they will turn out to be drugs using mental retards.

The name is also used for children that have a large penis at birth, or have a very small brain.

" Je bent een mongool" is a Dutch phrase that is often used when seeing a Jeremy, it means, "good luck on the street."
We saw a mental retard and the first thing that came up in my mind was "Hey its Jeremy!" Then I said: "Je bent een MONGOOL"
by Mario Aran January 10, 2008
a little jewish baby
Guy: Hurry up baby!!
Jeremy: Fuck you guys!!
Guy: BABY!!!
by SammySamwise March 22, 2008
Someone who reads the dictionary for fun, picks their butt which by the way is nice, and loves to eat p&j sandwitches and drink green tea!
omg he's pullin' a Jeremy!
by ashat November 04, 2007
a cross dressing homeless person who cleans out his friends onion drawers for chump change and then spends the money on anal plugs and night he goes to public park bathrooms and propositions straight guys on craigslist to meet him and take part in some double fisting action.
why is there a trail of lube coming from your onion drawer?

Oh, thats just Jeremy

Why are you on the personal section of craigslist?

Because i feel like getting Jeremy'd

by Meaghoney July 10, 2008
A troll girl in the comic series Elfquest
Jeremy is that troll girl from Elfquest.
by Jeff hauser January 10, 2008
a guy that doesn't like the number 0, has two sisters and a brother, and is addicted to baseball.
Speaker A: Oh my gosh! Have you met Amanda's brother?

Speaker B: No. Why?

Speaker A: He is such a Jeremy!
by Rose Katherine November 26, 2008
Someone who thinks they are smart and is a "know it all",also is very competitive,and has a small penis
jerjer:yo did u see those oh's

jesse:yo vajag,stop being a small dick jeremy
by jesseboy4410 November 27, 2008

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