A champion's champion. Natural born leader. Proud but not arrogant. Loud but not boastful. Intelligent but not demeaning to others. Considerate but not a kiss-ass. Can touch his nose with his tongue & fondle a girl's tonsils while kissing, but knows when to hold his tongue & not speak. Has the patients of a Saint, unless some asshole is tailgating him. Chiseled pecs reminiscent of a Greek Statue. Balls of steel & of course, a nice fat cock!!! Women long to be with him, desiring to feel his powerful hands so delicately & gently caressing their quivering, naked bodies...... most men feel this way too.................
Listen to how much better these famous lines sound when the name Jeremy is inserted:

"...Bond. Jeremy Bond."

"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into Jeremy's."

"Would Jeremy be shocked if I put on something more comfortable?"

"Jeremy always said, 'Life was like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get.'"
by badass143 February 06, 2010
Jeremy is a caring guy and a best friend to all. He is a great friend but may be something else in his best friends eyes. Many will fall for him but he will only take the one he wants. He makes many laugh and will always be there for someone. He is smart and up to date with what is going on in the world.
Jeremy is such a nice person... I think i've fallen for him
by fjhbenirbnrm October 13, 2011
The kindest and most generous guy in the world. Gentle, giving and a security blanket. If only more people were like Jeremy. Someone who stays true to himself and will always care for the ones he loves. He enjoys athletics, nature and studying. He's the whole package. He's got the looks, the charm, the smile and any girl would be lucky to have him. A true keeper who should be kept close to you heart and even closer to your soul.
person 1: i need me some jeremy
person 2: well he doesn't come in a bottle you will have to go out and find him
person 1: sure thing i do. i better start my search immediately
by wintersongeiaf July 07, 2010
a boy who is very sarcastic but means well. he is afraid of showing his emotions to anybody and keeps things bottled up inside. if you are lucky a jeremy will open up to you, but then will probably close off again soon. he is caring but just wants to be known as the tough guy. and he is obsessed with having sex. he is very attractive and so you cant seem to stay away, even though it is probably best that you do.
I'm so glad that I've gotten to know Jeremy better, but he won't stop trying to get in my pants.
by girlw/experience September 05, 2011
The most handsome, loving, faithful, caring, motivated, and protective man in the world. He will protect the people he loves. He is a blessing to have in your life and will remain in your memory forever. Once you have encountered Jeremy, he will leave a lasting impression upon you. Having the love of Jeremy is privledge.
I wish I had a Jeremy.
by malibu2007 August 30, 2010
Tall dark and handsome. A ladies man, great in the sack, can make almost any woman think she's in love with him with his smile and his charm. Has many attractive qualities. Self-indulgent wiener, at one time or another probably drove a fast car, such as a Nova or a Mustang. Can be manipulative and self-centered. Watch out for the green eyed ones, they can have a problem being faithful and tend to have a small package.
Mary: Jeremy rocked my world last night!
Sue: What!?! He rocked my world 2 nights ago!
by CharlieRose February 03, 2010
A sex act popular in the Australian Outback.
Would ya like a Jeremy?
by GeoffTheRobot January 05, 2011

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