Tall dark and handsome. A ladies man, great in the sack, can make almost any woman think she's in love with him with his smile and his charm. Has many attractive qualities. Self-indulgent wiener, at one time or another probably drove a fast car, such as a Nova or a Mustang. Can be manipulative and self-centered. Watch out for the green eyed ones, they can have a problem being faithful and tend to have a small package.
Mary: Jeremy rocked my world last night!
Sue: What!?! He rocked my world 2 nights ago!
by CharlieRose February 03, 2010
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A named based on the biblical name Jeremiah. Used as a name for children who are blessed with a large brain and/or penis. Also used as a replacement for "perfect".
We had a child and it had a very large penis so we named it Jeremy.
by Trenton Romulox December 02, 2006
A guy who is smart and has a big penis
Dang, I wish I was like that Jeremy over there.
by Jammer512 March 30, 2008
One sexy hunk of man.
Jerbear, I'll love you forever ♥
"Jeremy's mine, bitch. Back off!" :)
by 00RAWR August 09, 2009
1. outright sarcastic but very friendly
2. softhearted
3. compassionate
4. lovable
5. talented in music and arts
Jeremy's humor is sarcastic but you can count on him in helping the poor and the needy.
by loli pop February 02, 2010
also named "mr perfect" he is the sweetest nicest guy ever and he is drop dead gorgeous and sexy and has a very large penis hes great in bed and loves to be rough but at the same time dominated hes an all around amazing guy and the best at baseball and is my boobear<33
"damnnn i wish he was more like jeremy"
by rssprincess January 04, 2010
A type of bra strap.
my chest is held up by Jeremy.
by 12hello58 November 28, 2006
4 buckets of pure awesome rolled up into a tasty bite sized homunculus. Looks good in drag. When he opens his mouth, pure clever spews out and penetrates all those who dare oppose him. He is the master of the universe.
Other names: Angryman, Flamenco Moronco, Priscilla Antoinette, Harold, Germathon, Spice Rack, Waffle Time.
Jeremy got locked in the cupboard. Hours later we heard "Iiiit's waffle time it's waffle time won't you have some waffles of mine??" eminating from said cupboard.
by Poopload September 06, 2008

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