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A Jelly-Dean is a type of person that has so many awesome skills, merits, and talents as an individual, that people can only refer to them as "Jelly-Dean" (A smart type of Jelly Bean, with the most amazing flavor known to man and a color outside of the visible spectrum.)
Person 1: "Jelly-Dean!" I love you with all my heart! You are so Awesome!"

Jelly-Dean: "Awwwww. Bump-Bump I love you!
by Bump-Bump October 28, 2010
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a miraculously small penis, this word is used to describe the very unfortunate individuals that have been struck by this condition, some may say their penis is non existent.
"WOAH!! you have a jellydean!!"
by barry dikinson October 27, 2009

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