section 8 slang- means "swingin on these nuts" or kissing ass.
you strait jeffin' my nigga- keep yo stupid tricks in tha traila.
by dave-o April 04, 2005
Top Definition
The act of taking an egg, with draw on face with square glasses on a night out. Often involving taking photos of said egg in unusual scenes.
I went Jeffing last night! He got smashed!
by Kyle454 December 24, 2012
Getting totally rad uphills while getting stoked on pain
Andrew: Hey, fancy a jeffing session today?
Martin: Aye pal, sounds super rad...pure get our climb on
by flat_lemon June 27, 2011
Verb - when someone says they will show up to an event, then does not.
Jeff is jeffing on my birthday party.
by MissLG November 19, 2011
It is being shut-out in foosball. You fail to score a score
We lost by a jeffing in Foosball.
by TheJeff February 25, 2015
the process of utilizing one's position of power to influence one of lower status into acts of an explicit nature
A professor was jeffing the freshmen this semester.
by Jeff's Victims September 04, 2009
The act of reiterating exactly the same thing your friend literally just said, causing a cloud of annoyance and awkwardness amongst the group.
Colin: "Guys, I just ordered 5000 condoms online."
Wyatt: "Oh, I was just about to say, I ordered 5000 condoms online too!"
Colin: "Wyatt, quit Jeffing me."
Dylan: "Yeah, you're such a Jeff!"
by HeyJeff April 08, 2015
Jeffing is the act of interrupting peoples activities in a rude way.
*Jack and Nick are playing volleyball.

As Jack serves the ball to Nick, Jeff comes in and spikes the ball to the ground. He proceeds to walk away without saying a word. Jeffing
by Nickjp2 December 04, 2014
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