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A term used to describe a complete loser. A "Jeff" could be someone who wears cheap or tacky clothes, someone who is socially awkward, a loner, or just a complete asshole. Jeff can also be interpreted as a more specific version of krog.
hey check out that jeff over there with the roller-backpack and Obama t-shirt
by jfizzle4 October 24, 2010
76 99
a fabulous name, anyone who has it should be proud, spontaneous (good in bed) ;) usually very sexy tall & thin (except for the few UNLUCKY Jeff's out there)
DAMN BITCH! Jeff is so fine
by 123456princessbabieeee February 05, 2008
4543 2213
A Jeff is a really cool kid who everyone loves.
Someone with a fantastic everything.
Everyone's best friend.
A Jeff will most likely often be cheerful and can always put their friends in the best of moods.
This person can make British Guard People giggle in about 3.7 milli seconds.
Jeff's have awesome dance skills and great hair.
Although Jeff's are magically perfect, they will make you feel super about your fat ugly self. And you will never feel ewwy.
"Wow you're pretty much being a Jeff right now, and I'm liking it."
by ksaytdrnienya July 10, 2008
3045 1472
someone who is skilled. He just has it.
dude, it's jeff
...whoa nice
by je2f November 08, 2006
1866 1039
somebody who has just got what u need. A jeff is somebody who knows what it's about.
Dude, it's jeff.
...yea, nicccee.
by je2f November 09, 2006
1287 848
A really good, and positive thing!
Wow. Today is such a Jeff.
by Dr.Fred March 05, 2008
1136 803
The correct spelling of Geoff.
G'day Jeff! How you doing mate? No problems Jeff - have a good one mate.
by AdrianBourke August 01, 2006
1055 733
Jeff is someone who you will fall deeply in love with. Mostly a great guy with an awesome personality and who only cares about you. Jeff is sweet, smart, funny, and very handsome. Just never let go of a Jeff once you have one, because it will be the worst mistake in your life. All the girls would call you bad names and try to pull you guys apart only because they know your love is better than anything they've ever had. ---unless you are an UNLUCKY Jeff. Sorry):
Person A: "Hey girl. I'm going out with Jeff!

Person B: "Oh my god! Congrats girl! Keep him, I know all the girls want him..."
by TwistedKeeper September 30, 2011
504 223