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In geocaching, the global scavenger hunt game played with a GPS, jeek is the name for the "treasure" you find.
This sure was a fun jeek to find.

My girlfriend wants to take me jeeking, should I go?
by BillionJ December 20, 2009
2020 242
a cross between a jock and a geek, with the empahsis on geek
that lacrosse goalie also writes poems for his girlfriend, he's such a jeek
by Paul Shipman November 25, 2003
76 54
A cross between a Jock and Geek. Might be socially inept, but usually muscular and takes various sports. Often has some close friends and gets good grades. Spends life on computer when not working out or playing sports. Rarely recognized due to everyone's snap judgements based on race and height.
I'm a jeek, I have a six pack and mostly A's.
by Reyhaiss is my AIM July 05, 2004
59 43
A code name for Cocaine that can be used under the radar from the general public.
I did a bunch of jeeks last night and I was so jeeked that I could not sleep.

Dude, you look jeeked!

Do a jeek read a book
by ScumB August 29, 2011
9 1
a combination of a jerk and geek
Cole is being such a jeek.
by Cardozasgirl4ever February 13, 2010
17 12
you are a jeek.
by Srvitor September 21, 2009
31 28
A jock who is also very geeky.
"OMG! He is so jeeky! He's the captain of the football team yet he plays yugioh."
by FrOgGeR February 21, 2014
1 0