Geek with a capital J
You absolute fuckin jeek
by Jeekle February 28, 2005
(n) a male or female a golden retriever dog that posess a definable occiput(refered to a "cone" or "knowledge bump") on top of their heads which makes them look amusing.
That golden colored dog is a dumb 'ole jeek.
Look at those silly jeek puppies.

by seth meyers October 08, 2006
another way to say dude or bloke
I will see you later peace jeek
by Chris West April 07, 2005
an expression used to emphasize disgust with a given situation or person.
Can you believe the woman at the counter refused to take our order? JEEKS...the service here has gone completely downhill!
by kapboiler December 25, 2010
To ejaculate, steal, take, give, jerk off, or any verb given the situation.
Yo bro, let me Jeek that.

Im going to go Jeek.
Jeek me some money.
by SPP JEEKER August 28, 2009

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