universal verb and adverb.
Bobby:Hey Sean what are you Jeebing on
Sean:Just Jeebing on some jeeby jeebs, because i like to jeeb hard.
#doing #playing #acting #writing #jogging #walking
by bigshotbob34 December 06, 2011
Top Definition
A term of endearment used to describe loved ones or the absolute precious. Not just anyone can be a "Jeeb". It is a term used to show strong affection.

Other variations of the word are:
Jeebalicious, Jeebach (JEE-BAWK), Jeeby, Jeebster, Jeebonksters
1. She is such a Jeeb-face.
2. I love that Jeeb.
3. Hey Jeeby.
4. Whats up Jeebalicious?
#jeeby #jeebalicious #jeebach #jeebsters #jeebonksters
by SophiaMichelle March 21, 2010
Verb or Noun
Another name for a gravity bong. Coined in Summerville, SC.

Supplies: Plastic bottle, socket, weed, bucket of water

1. Cut bottom 2 inches off of plastic bottle, preferably two-liter.
2. Put a socket in the cap, and weed in the socket.
3. Submerge bottle as far as you can in bucket of water with out making the water overflow. Screw on cap.
4. Put lighter up to weed and slowly lift the bottle. This will pull the entire hit into the bottle, and it should be super milky.
5. When all the weed is burnt, unscrew cap and RIP IT! Straight to the dome.
6. Have a good time, all you need is one or two.

This method is often used by teenagers as it can be done quickly and with minimal smell. Probably the harshest type of hit you can take. Also a very good way to be a jew, because as long as you clear the hit, no THC is lost to the air.
Bro 1: Dude, you wanna take a jeeb?
Bro 2: (not from Summerville: The fuck is a jeeb?
Bro 1: Gravity bong man, one and the same.
Bro 2: Alright I gotcha, sure bro!

I was jeebin last night in my room and my mom walked in, man, I'm grounded for life brooo!!
#summerville #pot #weed #gravity bong #get ripped #stoned
by Getriiiippped April 18, 2013
Is the shortened form of Jebus - simpler to say cos only 1 syllable. Started out as Jesus after an R.E. test in year 7 at high school - got changed to jebus after seein simpsons episode - then shortened to Jeebs afterwards - still known as that 2day.
Jeebs: Good Morning!!!! *waves*
Others: Morning Jebus!
#jeebs #cool #jebus #awesome #good lover
by Jebus mcflebus September 21, 2007
A derogatory term for Christians. A play on the word heeb, a derogatory term for Jewish people, or Hebrews.
Christian: Read the bible!

troll: f u jeeb
#christian #slur #bigot #troll #jesus
by Dead-Bum January 18, 2007
Really, really cute and adorable
John: Here's a kitten!
Me: It's so adorable! Words can't describe how much I want to squeeze and stroke it and squeal about how cute it is! Jeeb!
#cute #eeeb #squee #adorable #sweet
by thwitw November 25, 2009
a word used when pestering people, i.e. when pinching people
I'm going to jeeb you.
#poke poke #pinch #hug #jeeb doesn't have antonyms #jib
by lilbandade December 18, 2010
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