Associated with a creepy, ugly, and somehow popular individual. Jeeb is believed to have originated as a nickname for such individual. As a result, jeeb may be used in an insulting manner. However, it may truly have any usage as it ridicules the individual through mis-usage of their actual name.
Man that crap you sent me last night was jeeb

Oh my jeebs!

Jeebsus Christ!!
by jeebsiscreepy April 04, 2010
A very, very silly person. Often beleives themselves to be prophetic, hence the vague relation to the word Jesus.
"I'm telling you, if i had my way all ugly people would be shot"

"You're such a jeeb"
by Barry Whites October 09, 2006
beej's initials the right way
her name is jeeb
by the hotastic one January 26, 2004
Steal, hijack, larceny
"Jeeb the gum, I'll cover you"
by ed koch December 19, 2003
To eat Thai food with friends.
I could definitely Jeeb tonight; you?
by ben3331 April 23, 2006
Short for marajeebacube. Latin or something for marijuana. Made popular in late 90's.
Ted. . . you done smoked all my jeeb.
by Moses Christenson July 24, 2003
A capsule containing Tuinal, a sedative drug that combines two barbiturates (Seconal and Sodium Amytal) in equal proportions (used in the 1980s). See also bean.
"He'd do a jeeb and then wash it down with whiskey, and within minutes he would be practically falling all over the place."
by Anthony Brancato February 19, 2004

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