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A term of endearment used to describe loved ones or the absolute precious. Not just anyone can be a "Jeeb". It is a term used to show strong affection.

Other variations of the word are:
Jeebalicious, Jeebach (JEE-BAWK), Jeeby, Jeebster, Jeebonksters
1. She is such a Jeeb-face.
2. I love that Jeeb.
3. Hey Jeeby.
4. Whats up Jeebalicious?
by SophiaMichelle March 21, 2010
Someone or Something that is weird, out of place, unusual.
Can also be combined with other words to stress the weirdness of a situation. Ex: Bazatron, Bazalicious
1. She is such a baz.
2. That movie was so baz.
3. What a Baz!
by SophiaMichelle March 21, 2010

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