The son of a man named Jay. Jay + son = Jayson.
His name was Jayson.
by Wonderfulmetropolis July 10, 2008
Top Definition
A person who you can describe as shy & very quiet. Those two words are the common words used to describe him. Although his real personality is completely the opposite. Once you get to know him, a sweet, romantic, gentleman is hiding behind his mysterious eyes. He may not be the boy-next-door type but he's got the attraction by words. He's not great at letting out his feelings but only a special someone can bring out the best in him. He is great and someone a girl would want to have.
I heard she is dating Jayson! She must be so special!
by ertyujkldsfvzhjk November 24, 2010
Another way to spell "Jason"
A frist name to males and a last name.
Hey Jayson! Hey Jayson!
by SakuraSaku October 28, 2006
1. A different form of the name "Jason".
2. 1% of the worlds population spell there name in this unique manner.
3. Displays confidence when around the opposite sex and physically attractive to women and men.
4. Most are typically successful.
You are so Jayson I'm jealous.
Jayson you're my idol.
Jayson an American hero.
by cyclops1 February 02, 2010
A man you fall for once, and when it happens, it's for good. You fall for his sincerity, smile, and sweetness, and then you'll find him to be one of the best friends you have. He's nerdy as hell and a teenage boy kind of messy. Like all boys, he'll annoy the crap out of you sometimes. But you'll find yourself staying because once he's in your life, you can't picture it without him.
I love Jayson.
by DotThoseEyes; September 04, 2014
Sexiest most amazing person ever. You would be lucky to even know him. If you have had the privilege of meeting him then you are of a special few. Jayson is the most loving sweet and kind person ever. He'll go down on you more than he'll take a bj. He has the biggest dick in the world
I love Jayson. He ate me out all night last night.
by A.f. January 18, 2015
Known to be very shy and quiet, although he is actually very energetic once you get to know him! Has a very nice personality and loves to look at girls butts! He often has a very funny laugh and is very ticklish!
"Jayson is so shy, but I really like him!" Christina said.
"You should talk to him because he often opens up when your friends!" Gen answered.
"OMG!!! Thanks so much! That was very helpful!" Christina screamed happily.
by Crazzzzz!!!!! May 10, 2016
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