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Jaymin (or Jamin). A boys name. Hebrew word which means, "Right Hand", "Right hand of favour".

A Biblical name. See also:

1. The second listed son of Simeon (Genesis 46:10; Exodus 6:15; 1Chronicles 4:24). He founded the family of the Jaminites (Numbers 26:12).

2. A descendant of Judah through Hezron’s grandson Ram (1Chronicles 2:27).

3. A Levite who helped explain the Law to the people assembled in Jerusalem (Nehemiah 8:7).
Jaymin helped spread the word of God.
by Jayminsdad June 27, 2012
The name 'Jaymin' (or spelled 'Jamin') is a biblical name which means, "Right hand of favor'. Also a male name used in Hebrew.
Jaymin, Jamin.
by Jayminsdad June 04, 2012
is a contextualised term originating in south india, literally translating to holy fish. People of the name jaymin are generally considered as 'players' who are well known for their consistent trying and pining for all girls in their vicinity. However, these futile attempts are almost never successful with many of them failing miserably, only to the demise of that person. Others they try to get to know are usually known for not replying and having that 'im not interested in you' presence. One of the main characteristics is that they are often separated from their so called friends due to previous actions.

however, they are very cool people who are liked by everyone in the world.
jaymin, fish
by pradeepkumar11 April 13, 2009
A male most commonly known for being a man whore. All the girls want him until they get him then they want nothing to do with him. He is very attractive but has way to big of an ego
by Ljl553636366 July 02, 2016
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